On implementation of the results of intellectual activity (RIA)

into the framework of the economical life.

For the first time in the world a system has been created on implementation of the results of intellectual activity (RIA) into the framework of the economical life with insured protection of legal rights of an author (a legal owner). It had been developed by the Non-Profit-Making Partnership “International  Innovation institute” (NPMP III), http://www.np-nic.ru  .

The system is designed to protect RIA in the area of literature, science and art as well as to protect ideas and projects, technological proposals and improvements and “know how”, including those, not being subject of patenting.

The system includes:

1.     Notarial confirmation, establishing the priority of an author (a legal owner) and the time of submitting RIA;

2.     RIA registration in the System of Voluntary Certification “Intellectual Ownership and Service” (SVC IOS) (http://www.sds.np-nic.ru) and its electronic placement in the “personal office” of an author (legal owner), securely protected against unauthorized access;

3.     Insurance of certified RIA;

4.     Legal representation of rights of an author (legal owner) in court and law enforcement bodies;

5.     Criminal and/or economical persecution by established rules of those, violating legal rights of RIA authors.

The priority of the author (legal owner) for the RIA is confirmed by notarial certification, recognized in 81 countries – members of the International Union of Latin Notary and serving as a proof in any legal or patent dispute.

The list of certified RIA, together with a short annotation, is placed online with unrestricted Internet access; but only the author has the authority to permit full access to RIA to any person, at his/her discretion.

The system provides for RIA insurance. Standard insurance coverage is set to be one hundred thousand rubles and it could be changed by an agreement with the insurance company.

Legal representation of the interests of the author (legal owner) in court or law enforcement organs is performed by relevant insurance companies and/or international legal instruments of WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization (Switzerland).

SVC IOS head office - NPMP III – is registered as mass media. The SVC IOS official site maintains the list of certified IRA, fulfilling, in accordance with the Civil Code, the function of publishing. Internet placement of the list of certified RIA offers open access opportunity for any Internet user to receive a real time short description and to get directly in touch with the author (legal owner) for full access to RIA or otherwise authorized usage.

The system allows the author (the owner) to perform any action managing RIA, (including rights alienation, distribution, placement in an open or restricted access) directly from the “personal office”, except modification of that particular certified RIA.

The participant of the system receives a personal electronic identification code, permitting a full scope solution of the issues of information security and protection of personal data of the citizens of Russian Federation.

The participants of the system receive the following additional capabilities:

  1. Address interaction of the participants in a virtual anonymous Internet space;
  2. Secure identification of the participants of electronic interaction and logging their actions, including those, performed in the capacity of a client of the insurance company, any bank system or a participant of electronic trading houses;
  3. Legal protection for all participants of electronic interaction, including application of inquest procedures;
  4. Independent cost assessment of the RIA.